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Alternate and Renewable Energy

Climate Change and Green Building are not just popular catchphrases to us. We believe that our current global climate crisis is just an indication of where we stand in our evolution as citizens of Earth. The technological developments of the Agricultural Age, Industrial Age and Information Age will pale in comparison to the innovations that are required to see us through to our Fourth Wave global culture.

We see a bright future. Where the environment and urban development are no longer at odds. Where Green Building is a redundant term and Over unity Buildings – with energy efficiency ratings of 1.0 and above are the norm. Where paradigms are challenged by breaking them down to their simplest form and rebuilding them from the ground up using 1’s and 0’s as binary bricks and mortar. This future begins in 2010 with the birth of OneZero. From this point on, we must be greenovative.

Alternate and renewable energy must be integrated into buildings of today and all future buildings we construct. It is essential that we begin transforming the way we use energy. With the Power Conservation Programme (PCP), Demand Site Management (DSM) and every individual's responsibility to preserve our planet and its resources, we envisage leading the way forward in the deployment of the following schemes:

  • Photovoltaic Installations
  • Solar Concentrated hot water plants
  • Natural gas in CCHP installations
  • Fuel Cell installations